History of the college

➡️ Pavlodar College of Management was founded in 2001 on the first wave of the economic recovery of Kazakhstan. Its creation was due to the prospect of the upcoming transition of the country from a raw material economy to high technologies. The system of professional education at that time was focused on training specialists in the raw materials sector, energy, and metallurgy.

The modern labor market is in constant motion. Along with a network of public institutions designed to fill the vacancy vacuum, many educational institutions have been established that operate on a commercial basis. Due to necessity (the struggle for a place in the competitive market of educational services), they are forced to respond more sensitively and effectively to various market fluctuations.

The creation of the college was dictated by the requirements of the time, since at that time there was an acute shortage of specialists in the field of information and telecommunications technologies, and especially a shortage of educational institutions that are able to train such specialists productively and efficiently.

PKU has filled its corner of the empty niche, providing the labor market with qualified specialists in the field of information technology.

Every year we have more and more graduates. And this is not surprising, since the value for money of college education is balanced.

The experience, authority and organizational talent of the first director of the college Gatych Lidia Petrovna, her ability to choose and develop the right strategy for the development of the educational institution allowed the college to declare itself in the labor market in a short time and to establish itself among the organizations of technical and vocational education of the Pavlodar region.

➡️ In 2008, Lydia Petrovna was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2011-the Badge named after ” Y. Altynsarina”.

Training was conducted in two specialties: 1304000 “Computer engineering and software (by type)” and 0518000 “Accounting and Audit (by industry)”.

The first graduation of the college in 2003 was 13 people, at that time there were 9 teachers in the staff. A year later, the output was already 14 people, and after 8 years, the number exceeded one hundred.

Academic year Release
2003-2004 14
2004-2005 19
2005-2006 14
2006-2007 46
2007-2008 54
2008-2009 59
2009-2010 78
2010-2011 85
2011-2012 105
2012-2013 83
2013-2014 89
2014-2015 75
2015-2016 76
2016-2017 119
2017-2018 61
2018-2019 69
2019-2020 107

➡️ Since 2003, the know-how of the Pavlodar College of Management has been the use of information and telecommunications technologies to improve the efficiency of the educational process.

Even in the early years of the college, a local computer network of the college was created; a logical organization of information storage in the network was designed, a subsystem for remote access and controlled access to the global Internet was developed.

➡️ Since 2004, the college has been operating a file server with open user access. The implementation of this global project of automation of the college’s activities has led to the creation of a unified structure based on modern information technologies.

Today, it makes it possible to effectively manage and make the right decisions, improve the reliability of all the departments of the college and the speed of performing current tasks, increases the prestige of the educational institution, provides all network users with free access to the information resources of the college and the Internet.

➡️ In 2004, the “Sports Club “StarKo” was established at the college, where students and graduates of the college, teachers and fans of the sports lifestyle are engaged. The gym is the best among the non-state colleges in the region.

There is a sports ground for crossfit and workout, college students take part in competitions in bodycross.

➡️ In 2007, the first website of the college was developed, which was subsequently repeatedly updated and improved. In 2020, our site has changed again, adapted to new conditions, acquired a new modern design and content.

➡️ Since 2007, the college has been operating a video surveillance system. All classrooms and facilities of the college, as well as the adjacent external territory are equipped with modern video cameras, which allows you to ensure the safety of students; monitor the progress of the educational process; make the internal life of the entire college open.

The college has opened a video hall for the demonstration of videos on the subjects studied, and a radio center, which is used for musical design of events; conducting radio lines; conducting thematic lectures.

➡️ Since 2009, the training of personnel under the state educational order has begun. Today, there is a dynamic growth of personnel training under the state order – more than 50% of full-time students are trained at the expense of budget funds.

➡️ Since the 2009-2010 academic year, the college began training groups on a budget basis in the specialty 1304000 “Computer engineering and software (by type)” – 30 students were accepted for training.

➡️ In 2012, the specialty 1305000 “Information Systems (by field of application)” was opened, 25 students were accepted, and in 2013, 25 students were accepted in this specialty on a budget basis.

➡️ In 2013, Starina Alexandra Petrovna became the director of the college – a young initiative leader who is able not only to strategically accurately direct the long-term development of the college, but also to find an approach to each employee and student, to inspire with her personal example.

➡️ Since 2017, the college has been participating in the training of specialists under the “Program for the development of Productive Employment and mass Entrepreneurship of the population for 2017-2021” – 25 students have been enrolled.

➡️ And in 2018, the college for the first time began training students in the Applied Bachelor’s degree program in the specialty 1304000 “Computer Engineering and Software”.

➡️ In 2018, the high quality of educational programs was confirmed at the international level – the college was accredited by an Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and received certificates of institutional and specialized accreditation for 5 years.

➡️ In June 2018, the educational institution was among the first in the region to be awarded the status of a higher college.

➡️ In 2019, the college opened the “QUANTORIUM” Training and Technical Center, where students, going beyond the curriculum, find themselves and create projects in the areas of Mobile Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Smart Home Systems, 3D modeling and prototyping, WEB development, Programming, etc.

The students actively participate in the international movement of professional skills WorldSkills. In 2019, their success was confirmed by a special medallion of professional skills of WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2019 in the competence “Control of unmanned aerial vehicles”.

➡️ In the 2020 academic year, for the first time in the Pavlodar region, the college received a licensed right to conduct training in the new specialty 1317000 “Additive Manufacturing technologies”.

In the same academic year, the college fully launched a distance learning portal on the Moodle platform, where you can find educational materials in all disciplines, establish remote interaction with the teacher and submit your work for verification.


Today, PKU considers one of its main tasks to ensure the high quality of training of its graduates, and therefore attracts the best specialists in various fields of knowledge to teach, uses modern textbooks, constantly updates and improves the technical equipment of classrooms