Starina Alexandra Petrovna

Director of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management since 2013. This is a competent, demanding manager who knows how to work for the future and attract his subordinates.

Under the leadership of Alexandra Petrovna, the college has implemented a system of real diploma design, which allows to annually update and improve the material base of the college.

Human qualities deserve great respect: a kind attitude to people, the ability and desire to help others, the desire to consider and reveal in each student all the best that he has and help him realize himself. Alexandra Petrovna has great authority among the engineering and pedagogical staff of the college and has a trusting relationship with students and parents.

Alexandra Petrovna is an adherent of an active life position, participates in seminars, competitions, conferences of various levels.

Teacher’s achievements

At the international level:

  • 2016 y. — International Scientific and Practical Conference «Social integration of disabled people and persons with disabilities in the modern life of society», Samara (certificate);
  • 2016 y. — IV International Scientific and Practical Conference «Problems and Prospects of professional education in the XXI century», Omsk (certificate).

At the level of the Republic:

  • 2017 y. — V Republican remote pedagogical competition for the development of extracurricular activities «Shygarmashyl ustaz» (1st place);
  • 2017 y. — Certificate of mentor and Coach of the Youth Corps Development Project (World Development Bank);
  • 2018 y. — Republican scientific and practical conference «Key moments of modern science», certificate of scientific supervisor.

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