Anti-corruption measures

Aldyk Alany

The Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Combating Corruption, together with the interested state bodies, is implementing the all-Republican anti-corruption project “Adaldyk Alany”.

The main goal of the project is to minimize domestic corruption. To achieve this goal, work is being carried out to increase the openness, transparency, accountability of state bodies and the formation of a culture of integrity in society.

A distinctive feature of the project is the broad participation of civil society in its implementation. Direct implementation on the ground is assigned to the regional project offices of “Adaldyk Alany”.

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 18.11.2015 N 410-V SAM “On Combating corruption” defines the concept of corruption as the illegal use by persons holding public public office, persons authorized to perform state functions, persons equated with persons authorized to perform state functions, officials of their official (official) powers and related opportunities in order to obtain or extract personally or through intermediaries property (non-property) benefits and benefits for themselves or third parties., as well as the bribery of these persons by providing benefits “advantages”.

Pavlodar Higher College of Management conducts certain work on the formation and development of an anti-corruption worldview and behavior among employees and students. We believe that the basis of all anti-corruption work is to promote the adoption and strengthening of measures aimed at creating an atmosphere of “zero” tolerance for new manifestations of corruption.

The college administration has developed an anti-corruption strategy, which defines the main goals, objectives and specific directions for the implementation of anti-corruption policy in the college. The strategy defines the norms and rules of behavior of each employee, regardless of the position, as well as the mandatory model of students.

Our strategic goal is strict compliance with the established rules and prevention of corruption.

Dear students and teachers!

You can report the facts of corruption by phone, write to the manager’s blog or send a message via social networks.

Blog of the head – Starina A. P.;
Phone of the head’s reception – 8-7182-53-58-81;
College Email Address –

The information must be correct, so we ask you to refrain from spreading information that is deliberately false and discrediting the honor and dignity of the college staff, as well as information about personal accounts or because of hostile relations.

Club «Conscious generation»

Student club «Conscious generation»

  1. Blinkova Agata – chairman
  2. Rakatova Karina
  3. Voronova Anastasia
  4. Bashirova Amina
  5. Parunin Vladislav
  6. Romanov Maxim
  7. Soldatov Danil
  8. Petrishin Alexander
  9. Kaduba Elena
  10. Novikov Vladislav
  11. Kolisnichenko Vladislav
  12. Bondareva Daria
  13. Zhuravleva Anastasia
  14. Mikhov Dmitry
  15. Averina Valeria

Anti-corruption Action Plan

Anti-corruption measures

“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Bauyrzhan Momyshuly: honor and valor-signs of a hero”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Al-Farabi and a virtuous society”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Khoja Ahmed Yasawi: on the path of justice”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Akhmet Baitursynov-sower of humanity and knowledge”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “The philosophy of justice of Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Ibray Altynsarin-educator of the great steppe”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme ” Eternal heritage – Mukagali”
“The Hour of integrity with Evgeny Zolotukhin”
“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme ” The moral legacy of Saken”

“The Hour of Integrity” on the theme “Tole bi-the founder of honesty and justice”

Anti-corruption standard

Analytical report on the results of internal analysis of corruption risks

Action plan to eliminate corruption risks

Report on the measures taken to combat corruption

Information on measures to prevent and combat corruption in the PVKU 2020-2021 academic year (first half of the year)


In order to prevent and combat corruption, the Pavlodar Higher College of Management developed an action plan for the formation of an anti-corruption culture for the 2020-21 academic year. Within the framework of which all the work of the team was built:

1. Order No. 2-01/107 of September 15, 2020 established the Commission on ethics, academic integrity and anti-corruption, the student club “Sanaly Urpak”.

2. Digital translation of the educational process through the distance learning website –

3. A communication channel is open for students, parents and teaching staff to address cases of corruption and violations of academic integrity through the virtual reception of the director on the college’s website, there is a message exchange service on a remote portal, WhatsApp groups.

4. In the hall of the college there is a box “For appeals and proposals”, a stand “Anti-corruption” is decorated, where the addresses and phone numbers of the bodies where you can apply in case of corruption are indicated.

5. The college is equipped with video surveillance (25 cameras).

6. The Public Foundation Healthy Nation with the support of the State Institution “Department of Information and Public Development of Pavlodar region” On October 8, 2020, students of PVKU took part in the campaign “Law-abiding citizen”. The speaker, inspector of the northern department, police Major Sabitova A. A., spoke about administrative and criminal offenses that are most often violated by young people and about the responsibility of minors. Speaker Mustafina Dinara gave examples of responsibility in social networks and Internet resources.

7. Regularly conducted online class hours, lectures “Hour of integrity” Online video lectures “Hour of Integrity” are posted on the college’s website, as well as published in the college’s Instagram.

8. At the general college parent meeting on November 13, 2020, one of the issues was the prevention of corruption, parents were given the addresses and phone numbers of bodies where they can contact in case of corruption.

9. Meeting of the youth student club “Sanaly urpak”.

In November, students of PVKU within the framework of the project “Sanaly urpak” took part through zoom conferences in the meeting of the youth student club “Anti-Corruption School”, “Rejection of corruption in society” events organized by the NGO Talimger with the aim of educating anti-corruption culture among young people in Kazakhstan.

After the meeting of the youth student club, the students of PVKU, who are members of the student club “Sanaly Urpak”, shared their knowledge in their groups.

In December, before the start of the winter session, representatives of the student club “Sanaly Urpak” held an action “Clean session” with viewing and discussion of videos.

10. Placement of photo and video materials on the website and social networks: the official website of the college:, and instagram: @pavlpku.


Director PVKU                                             A.P. Starina


Sp. Petrova E.V., tel. 535881

Anti-corruption monitoring

Anti-corruption memo


Gift delivery memo

Memo on the delivery of gifts received by persons holding a responsible state position, persons authorized to perform state functions

on delivery of gifts received by persons holding a responsible state position, persons authorized to perform state functions, persons equated to them (with the exception of candidates for President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan or maslikhats, akims of cities of district significance, settlements, villages, rural districts, as well as members of elected local self-government bodies), officials
persons, as well as persons who are candidates authorized to perform these functions (hereinafter referred to as persons), to the authorized body for the management of state property or the local executive body

1. Persons within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt (discovery) of a gift (received without the knowledge of the person; received by the person in connection with his official position or performance of official duties; handed over (handed over) publicly or during official events in connection with his official position or performance of official duties) hand it over to the territorial divisions of the State Property and Privatization Committee The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the authorized body) or local executive bodies (hereinafter referred to as M&E). Delivery of the gift is carried out according to the act of inventory, evaluation and (or) acceptance and transfer of property, drawn up by the authorized body or MIO in the prescribed form,with the attachment of a written notice of redemption or refusal to redeem (hereinafter – the notification).

2. The notification must contain the following information:
– the name of the authorized body or MIO;
– the full name of the person handing over the gift, his position, place of work, contact details;
– the name of the gift, its quantity and brief description;
– information about the agreement to redeem the gift or about the refusal to redeem it.

At the same time, in the case of redemption of a gift, a note is made on the notification by a higher official about the approval of the redemption (Full name, position, signature, certified with a seal).

3. When a person submits a gift to the MIO, the MIO sends a corresponding notification to the authorized body within 5 working days. Gifts handed over to the M & E are subject to transfer to the authorized body for the organization of accounting, storage and evaluation within the above period.

4. Within 7 calendar days after the authorized body receives the relevant notification from the person who handed over the gift, the authorized body evaluates the gift and enters into a purchase and sale agreement with the specified person. At the same time, the term of evaluation and conclusion of the contract of sale for gifts handed over by persons to the MIO is calculated from the moment of receipt of the relevant notification from the local executive body.

5. The authorized body has the right to sell a gift from a special state fund to third parties only after a written refusal to redeem it by the person who handed over the gift.


Background information: in accordance with subparagraph 4 paragraph 1 of Article 472 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July 5, 2014 “On Administrative Offenses” for incomplete and (or) untimely transfer to the authorized body of property in the form of gifts, if these acts do not have the characteristics of a criminal offense, administrative and legal liability is provided.