Teacher’s Day: interview with the first headmaster

Teacher’s Day is a professional holiday of education workers, in our country it is celebrated every first Sunday in October.

On the eve of the holiday, we interviewed the founder and first director of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management  Gatych Lydia Petrovna.

— Lydia Petrovna, tell me, when did you decide to become a teacher?

«Probably as a child.» My mother, Alexandra, the centurion, was a teacher.
Like my mother, and even earlier my grandmother – an order-bearer and Honored worker of education in Kazakhstan — my eldest daughter Alexandra chose pedagogy. She graduated from the institute and stayed in to work at the college. Having passed all the stages of obtaining professional experience, today she heads our educational institution.

— What would you wish for a modern teacher?

– Do not think that you have gained a lot of knowledge in five years of study at the university and they will last for a lifetime. It’s so far from the truth. It is necessary to read books every day, to chase new sources.  Pedagogical work is primarily work on oneself, on one’s own development.