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Pavlodar Higher College of Management is a private educational institution of a new type, focused on creating conditions for the development of professional and creative abilities of students, providing training of highly qualified, competitive specialists.

Mission: Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and information technology, capable of successful adaptation to the labor market.
Perspective: The college is an educational institution with an open information environment, which is a regional center for professional training of specialists in the field of information technology.
Objective:Ensuring the quality of professional training of specialists in demand in the labor market, based on the introduction of new information and communication technologies in teaching and learning.

Full name of the educational organization: Private institution Organization of education «Pavlodar Higher College of Management».
Type of property: Private
Year of foundation: 2001
Legal address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region, 140000, city of Pavlodar, street of Mira, 18/1, phone 53-58-81, 53-42-65, 53-76-53, fax number: 53-58-81; site:; email address:
Director: Starina Alexandra Petrovna

The College provides training in the specialties of secondary vocational and primary higher education:

    • 1304000 «Computer equipment and software (by type)»
    • 1305000 «Information systems (by application area)»
    • 0518000 «Accounting and audit (by industry)»
    • 1317000 «Additive manufacturing technologies»

Since 2018, the applied bachelor’s degree programs in the specialty 1304000 «Computer Engineering and Software (by type)» have been implemented in the experimental mode.

Every year, the Department of Education of the Pavlodar region provides a state educational order for personnel training, i.e. training of students at the expense of budget funds.

Form of training: full-time, part-time
Number of students: Total — 348 people:

  • of these, 331 are full — time students,
  • by correspondence — 17 people.

According to the state educational order — 286 people, including:
— within the framework of the Program for the development of productive employment and mass Entrepreneurship for 2020-2021 — 80 people.
On a contractual basis (full-time) — 62 people.

By specialty (full-time/part-time):
1304000 «Computer equipment and software (by type)» – 213/0 people;
1305000 «Information systems (by application area)» – 93/0 people;
0518000 «Accounting and audit (by industry)» – 0/17 people;
1317000 «Additive manufacturing technologies» – 25/0 people.

Contingent by language of instruction: Students in Russian — 349 people
Teaching staff: A total of 25 engineering and teaching staff:

  • master – 5 people (20 %)
  • higher category-14 people (56 %)
  • 1 category – 4 people (16 %)
  • 2 category – 5 people (20 %)
  • no category – 2 people (8 %)

The average experience of teaching staff is 19 years.



🔨 the college adapts flexibly to the needs of today’s labor market;
👩‍🏫 a small contingent allows you to individually approach the training of each student and easily interact with parents;
👨‍🔬 there are highly qualified full-time teachers of special disciplines;
⌛ there is no staff turnover (permanent teaching staff);
👔 high percentage of graduates employment;
💻 distance learning system implemented;
♿ conditions have been created for the training of people with disabilities;
💸 opportunities are being sought to teach children from socially vulnerable segments of the population free of charge;
📱 high level of computerization and use of ICT in the educational process.


The College introduces elements of dual education. This means that students spend only half of their academic time in the college as part of the educational process, and the rest of the time (38-41%) – they practice at work.

Enterprises and organizations with a sufficient level of equipment and advanced technology are selected as practice bases. The bases of professional practice are enterprises of metallurgy, energy, education, health, culture, state and financial institutions, small and medium-sized businesses in the service and trade sectors.

In 2019, the college opened the QUANTORIUM Training and Technical Center, where students, going beyond the curriculum, find themselves and create projects in the areas of Mobile Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Smart Home Systems, 3D modeling and prototyping, WEB development, Programming, etc.

The students actively participate in the international movement of professional skills WorldSkills. In 2019, their success was confirmed by a special medallion of professional skills of WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2019 in the competence «Сontrol of an unmanned aerial vehicle».