Achievements of Independence

On September 20, 2021, the republican class hour «Achievements of Independence» was held in the PVKU. After the radio line, students of the first and second courses were given the opportunity to meet with an invited guest — Lidiya Petrovna Gatych.

Students of the new set listened with great interest to information about the achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education for 30 years of independence from the mouth of the winner of the prize «Paryz», the medal of Ybray Altynsarin.
In the process of a lively and constructive dialogue, students learned about the difficulties that were overcome by the Pavlodar Higher College of Management for the 20-year period of its development. The founder of the college Gatych Lidiya Petrovna was able to get to know new students better, learn the topics that they care about, etc.
College students actively participated in online testing on the modern history of Kazakhstan.

Language Week

Language Week is in full swing 🎬

We remind you that from September 13 to 17, we have a week of languages at our college.
Our students have already taken part in the «Famous and Favorite» competition and the 1st round of the «Ancestral Heritage» competition.

Today will take place:
📌 the second round of the Ancestral Heritage contest;
📌 competition of proverbs and tongue twisters in English (to participate after the second pair, go to the English teacher).

As part of the Week of Languages dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an intellectual show «Own Game» was held. Students of the UA-12 group took an active part in the game. The children in a playful way not only remembered the works of Russian literature, but also expanded their knowledge about the lives of poets and writers. No one remained indifferent, and Nikita Kuzmin became the winner. We wish the rest of you success and good luck in the next competitions.

Since September 1

Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge!

So this day has come. September 1 is the Day of Knowledge and the start of a new academic year.

Dear guys! Let this day be remembered by long-awaited fun meetings, new interesting acquaintances and the awakening of a thirst for knowledge. The best marks, easy tests, interesting lessons and loyal friends with whom everything that has already been said will easily come true!

And we wish our beloved teachers from the bottom of our hearts professional success, creative inspiration and that they have enough strength and patience for the whole coming year!


Pavlodar search research team «Maidan Zholy»

Pavlodar search research team «Maidan Zholy» held a meeting with students and teachers of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management.

The purpose of the meeting is to form a youth volunteer search and research movement in order to find the fate and burial places of concentration camp prisoners and military personnel who disappeared during the Great Patriotic War.
Alexander Shitov, the commander of the search team «Maidan Zholy», told the students about the activities of search engines, plans and prospects, how important it is to develop and educate teenagers through their participation in preserving and perpetuating the memory of defenders of the Fatherland, in restoring historical events in their region, developing the continuity of generations.

And also today, on a memorable date on the day of the treacherous attack of the fascists, a ceremony of handing over the remains was held. The remains of the soldier Embergen Asainov. The expeditions are held within the framework of the international project «Batyrlar Zholymen-The Road of Glory». The Pavlodar search team «Maidan Zholy» has accepted the remains and will go to the Kyzylorda region to transfer them to their relatives.

As a result of the meeting, it was determined that a group of students of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management will be formed from among those who want to learn more about the history of the Great Patriotic War and become participants in the search movement of Kazakhstan.

Olympiad «Software solutions for business»

The student of PVKU took the 1st place in the training championship in the competence «Software solutions for business».

On June 10-11, the WSK training championship on the competence «Software solutions for Business»was held in an online format.

This championship was attended by:

  • Mangystau region;
  • Akmola region;
  • Kostanay region;
  • Turkestan region;
  • Pavlodar region;
  • Nur-Sultan city;
  • Shymkent city.

According to the results of the championship, Samatov Farid, a 3rd-year student of PVKU, took 1st place.

The staff of our college thanks Pavel Sergeyevich Stadnik, an expert-patriot, for preparing the participant and wishes further success at the WorldSkills Kazakhstan championship.

«WorldSkills Kazakhstan – is one of the few professional competitions where both rural and urban children can compete on the same platform. And the main advantage of the championship is its unpredictability – the one who is actually the best will win. Do your job well, whoever you are, and it will definitely be noticed. Today, this is especially important at a time of the development of new technologies and the ever-growing competition in the world of the fourth industrial revolution.

We wish success to our contestants and experts!!!

Day of State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On June 4, 1992, the new state symbols of independent Kazakhstan were approved for the first time — this day will forever remain in the history of the country as the day of new state symbols. State symbols are one of the unshakable foundations of the state.

In order to foster a sense of patriotism and love for the Motherland, respect for state symbols, pride in the historical past and traditions of the peoples of our country, the quiz «Experts of the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan»was held at the Pavlodar Higher College of Management. The children showed their knowledge of the sciences studying the coat of arms, the flag, the authors of the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to know the text of the anthem by heart. The best connoisseurs of the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan were Bylinina A, Reichert S, Bonn M, Yakovlev R. Well done!


Winners of «KAZROBOSPORT-2020»

The results of the annual Republican robotics championship «KazRoboSport-2020», which was held for schoolchildren and students of our country in December 2020-January 2021, were summed up.

The organizer of the championship is «Kazakhstan Federation of Educational and Sports Robotics KazRobotics».
Despite the difficulties of the pandemic period, 281 teams from 11 regions of Kazakhstan took part in the championship.
For the first time, the championship across the country was held in an unconventional online format-without spectators, but under the watchful eye of video cameras and online judges.
In the Pavlodar region, the participants of the championship performed at the competition grounds of the Quantorium training and technical center, created at the Pavlodar Higher College of Management to support talented students and develop technical creativity in the educational process.
Students of our college took part in the championship «KazRoboSport-2020» in two categories: Relay Race and Water Maze.



Maxim Shalygin and Vladimir Saponov created a floating robot of their own design, able to get out of the water maze, focusing on the sensor readings. The children are engaged in technical creativity in the Quantorium training and technical center under the guidance of Evgeny Smirnov.
According to the results of the Republican Championship, Maxim Shalygin and Vladimir Saponov won the 2nd place in the Water Maze category. We congratulate the guys on their success and wish them new victories!



Action «Taza Tabigat»

Within the framework of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on the eve of the celebration of «Nauryz Meiramy», a snow removal campaign «Taza Tabigat»was launched.

After heavy snowfalls, the consequences of which the municipal services had to eliminate around the clock, the students of PVKU took part in the action. This action is held under the auspices of the beginning of the year of ecology and calls on everyone, especially young people, to help in cleaning snow-covered areas, plots, as well as courtyards of the city of Pavlodar.

Meet Nauryz

On the eve of the favorite spring holiday of Nauryz meiramy, the college held festive events: an online class hour «Nauryz-zhyl Basy», a presentation contest on the topics «History of Nauryz», «Nauryz – kozhe», «Nauryz bata», «Customs and traditions on Nauryz», «Nauryz — New Year according to the Eastern calendar».

An exhibition of drawings and crafts «Zhainau kuni» was organized for everyone. In «Shattyk Kuni», congratulations, poems, and jokes were heard on the radio line.

College students took an active part in the project «Kazakhstan Zhasalgan», preparing festive treats from domestic products.


In honor of the Nauryz holiday, a tournament on the national game «Togyzkumalak» was held for 1st-year students.

According to the results of the tournament, the winners were determined :

1st place — Niyazov Azamat P-11

2nd place — Alexander Kuzubov P-12

3rd place — Daniel Krasnoshchekov P-13

4th place — Sagantay Adil P-13



As part of the festive «Marathon of Good Deeds», students of the PVKU took patronage over labor veterans, home front workers  Zolin G. V. and Zolina N. M., assisted in clearing the yard of snow. Recall that the «Marathon of Good Deeds» was initiated by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in December last year at the closing ceremony of the Year of the Volunteer.

The Zolin family expressed gratitude to the representatives of the college for their help in the framework of the «Marathon of Good Deeds».