Congratulations on the Great Victory Day

Traditionally, on the eve of the Victory Day celebration, the delegation of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management, consisting of the founder of the College, Lydia Petrovna Gatych, Deputy Head of the Department. HR directors Elena Petrova, students Andrey Zabrodin, Karolina Zhidkova, Ilya Zvonkovsky, Illaria Ivashchenko, and Nikolay Vlasov. The delegation from the college visited the participants of the Great Patriotic War  Volovik Konstantin Filimonovich, Grebenshchikov Vladimir Andreevich and home front workers Grebenshchikov Anfiza Nikolaevna, Zagaychuk Alexandra Pavlovna. The real surprise was the performance of the students. The students read congratulatory poems and sang songs. The veterans admitted that the musical greeting was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for them, brought a lot of joy and happy moments, and sincerely thanked the organizers of the college for their attention and care.

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