New Year’s Eve 2020 — «Game of Thrones»

On December 27, students and teachers of the college brightly, colorfully and with pleasure celebrated the upcoming New Year.

At the party in the genre of an adventure quest based on the multi-part film «Game of Thrones», the main faces of the kingdom arrived:  Daenerys of House Targaryen, Mother of Dragons (represented by Director Alexandra Petrovna), Jon Snow (E. A. Smirnov) and Eddard Stark (P. S. Stadnik). They have a special mission — to judge the «subjects», to determine who became the winner of the New Year’s contest. The Game of Thrones lookalikes — Daenerys, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister-took the stage. The lords of the groups P12, P13, IS12, IS13, P23, IS22, IS32 represented the coats of arms of their kind, which invariably included noble heraldic signs – a crown, a book, a keyboard and a shaman’s tambourine. According to the script, Daenerys lost her dragon, so the masters and craftswomen decided to brighten up her grief and bring New Year’s toys made with their own hands as a gift.  The princess liked the mice, mice, rats, and baby rats so much that she decided to reward the masters with special signs – the first issue of 3D coins «Anti-Double», made in the college’s robotics circle. The owners of the exclusive coins are:

— Nikita Pukha (P-12) — Klemin Stepan (P-13) — Vadim Rimer (P-13) — Nikita Alimbayev (IS-12) — Tomiris Karipova (IS-32) — Valeria Zakupova (IS-32) — Daria Bondareva (P-23)

From the foyer, the holiday smoothly flowed into the classrooms, where in the quest mode, under the guidance of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, the children performed highly intelligent tasks – to assemble a puzzle, solve a riddle, decipher a message. The winner of the quest was the group P-23, which was awarded a festive New Year’s cake, the rest of the participants received sweet gifts. In a traditional festive greeting, the director of the college, Starina Alexandra Petrovna, noted that the college staff is celebrating the New Year with great achievements:

«2019 was an eventful year, and we have something to be proud of: the college lives a busy life, develops educational and educational activities, expands ties, and improves the material and technical base. All the successes are not accidental, because our educational institution has the main thing – a wonderful team of talented teachers and students.

I would also like to congratulate the students who increase the glory of the college with their academic, creative and sporting achievements.  I wish you good luck in all your achievements!»