Intellectual game «CHAMPIONS LEAGUE»

On February 21, 20202, InEU hosted the intellectual game «CHAMPIONS LEAGUE» organized by the Department of «Business and Management». The game was attended by college students. Teams of 5 people and a support group were invited to participate. Each team had to prepare for the following points:
1) Team name
2) The motto
3) Greeting (homework assignment)
4) Creative number
The administration of the college congratulates the team of PVKU students of the group E-31 and IS-32 Jukeneva Elina, Yalovskaya Kristina, Koroleva Daria, Karipova Tomiris, and Zupa Valeria on the victory. Support group of Lappo Nikita and Konkova Alexandra.
A letter of thanks expressing appreciation for the preparation of the student team and its participation was awarded to the teacher of economic disciplines, Evgeniya Zhomartovna Zorina.