Meet Nauryz

On the eve of the favorite spring holiday of Nauryz meiramy, the college held festive events: an online class hour «Nauryz-zhyl Basy», a presentation contest on the topics «History of Nauryz», «Nauryz – kozhe», «Nauryz bata», «Customs and traditions on Nauryz», «Nauryz — New Year according to the Eastern calendar».

An exhibition of drawings and crafts «Zhainau kuni» was organized for everyone. In «Shattyk Kuni», congratulations, poems, and jokes were heard on the radio line.

College students took an active part in the project «Kazakhstan Zhasalgan», preparing festive treats from domestic products.


In honor of the Nauryz holiday, a tournament on the national game «Togyzkumalak» was held for 1st-year students.

According to the results of the tournament, the winners were determined :

1st place — Niyazov Azamat P-11

2nd place — Alexander Kuzubov P-12

3rd place — Daniel Krasnoshchekov P-13

4th place — Sagantay Adil P-13



As part of the festive «Marathon of Good Deeds», students of the PVKU took patronage over labor veterans, home front workers  Zolin G. V. and Zolina N. M., assisted in clearing the yard of snow. Recall that the «Marathon of Good Deeds» was initiated by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in December last year at the closing ceremony of the Year of the Volunteer.

The Zolin family expressed gratitude to the representatives of the college for their help in the framework of the «Marathon of Good Deeds».