Events to highlight the National report

On May 4, 2019, an information hour was held at the PVKU among employees and students, at which the main provisions and recommendations of the National Anti-Corruption Report for 2018 were highlighted by ZDVR E.V. Petrova.

Currently, the first stage of the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy of Kazakhstan has been successfully completed. The assessment of the first results of its implementation over a three-year period is reflected in the first chapter of the National Report. Thus, during the first stage, all 63 points of the corresponding Plan for the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy were fulfilled. Kazakhstan’s anti-corruption model is aimed at systemic reform of the entire vertical of state power through the modernization and ethicization of the civil service, law enforcement and judicial systems based on the principles of the rule of law, openness, transparency and accountability, and customer orientation. The analysis of the state and trends in the spread of corruption at the international and national levels is discussed in the second chapter of the report. This year, Kazakhstan scored 31 points in the ranking of countries on the Corruption Perception Index and took the 122nd place, improving the indicator by 2 points and 9 positions.

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