Congratulations on Teacher’s Day!

Traditionally, Teachers ‘ Day is celebrated in Kazakhstan on the first Sunday of October.

On this day, we congratulate our beloved teachers-wonderful people who have devoted their entire lives to their work, who have given their students not only knowledge, but also love. Your work is not just work, but a real vocation, which you approach with an open heart and all the kindness of your soul. Thanks to your efforts and efforts, the whole world is becoming more literate, educated, smarter and more enlightened every day.

The best gift for a teacher at all times was and still is sincere words from the lips of grateful students. Graduates of the previous years of the Pavlodar Higher College of Management supported the challenge «College of My Heart» and prepared warm words of congratulations to their favorite teachers.

Director  Starina Alexandra Petrovna is happy to congratulate the entire teaching staff of the college on Teacher’s Day and thanks them for their dedication to the profession, creative search, professionalism and high responsibility for the results of their work!